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working with an aim to provide cost-effective and efficient cost estimating and consultation services to the real estate development and construction industry. Our expert team, being fully aware of the client’s specific needs, strives to produce the most accurate and reliable estimating solutions so that they don’t need a second option.Fast turnarounds and affordable prices for our quality services set us apart from our competition.

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2D Drafting Services

At creatix Drafting, we take accuracy of the drafts and drawings very seriously.
This enables us to deliver highly accurate, clean, and easy to understand results to our clients.2D drafting services involve creating detailed technical drawings or plans that represent the layout and specifications of a project in two dimensions.

Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Renderings of your designs, your visions; let creatixdrafting.com give them life. For stunning Architectural Renderings, that are affordable, in color or black and white that will exceed your expectations,

Shop Drawings

Before we can dive into how to actually generate a set of Shop Drawings, we first need to identify what makes them different from other types of construction documents.Our Plan View Drawings will show the Case Sides, Hinges.

Outsource Your Construction Drafting Services To Us

By outsourcing construction estimating services to us, you can effectively reduce estimating expenses, save time, and improve the bidding process. We offer: Highly accurate, easy to understand and detailed Drafting

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we have successfully delivered construction cost Drafting to many construction companies across the globe. Our quality services, on-time deliveries, and excellent customer support have grown us to have stable repeat clients and we have become a trusted partner for all their estimating needs.

Expert estimators certified with American estimators organizations.

Our sound experience and ability to handle technically complex construction projects

Our quality services, on-time deliveries, and excellent customer support

we collaborate with contracting corporations by providing highly accurate bid Drafting

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