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We are specialists in residential, commercial & industrial projects performing Drafting services for new construction, remodeling, renovation, skyscrapers, multifamily, retail, wastewater treatment plants, cogeneration plants, warehouses, and highways & Bridges.

NO and Never! As President & Owner of World Drafting, I ensure high standards and good business ethics. We strongly believe it’s unethical and prohibited to breach your information and disrupt long term business relationships. This is something we never engage in.

Our Drafter are experts literally, they are engineers, Trade specialists, Field Superintendents, and project managers and for pricing, we use zip-code based pricing that brings into account even inflation, shortages in material, import/export tariffs and natural disaster as well.

During website chat, contact form on the website or on-call, elsewhere on World Estimating forum, if prompted for a name, email address, or contact number are all intended for providing you better information.

Your personal information will be used for better customer service requests. For protection, we use Malware scanning, SSL certificate and we never ask for credit card information. For invoicing, we use SECURE QUICKBOOKS that never discloses your information to any 3rd party and is credible in the market.